Genevieve Marais

17th April 2024 
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Central London
About Counselling
About Counselling. GM2022Why Counselling/Psychotherapy?
Counselling and Psychotherapy provide a unique and safe space for you to explore your feelings, thoughts or share the difficulties that you are currently experiencing. Counselling may involve spending time looking at current problems that impact you at present, whereas psychotherapy involves deeper explorations on ‘the self’ – looking at your thoughts, feelings and personal experiences and empathically understanding how your past experiences (i.e. childhood) impact your present life. The aim is to explore difficulties that impact you and your relationship with yourself and others so that distress can be alleviated, managed and possibly improved, leading you to develop new and effective ways of coping with difficult feelings, situations and behaviours.

How I work: You may be looking to work through a current difficulty or may just wish to take time to look at yourself and get to know yourself at a deeper level. An initial visit will involve assessment of the problem, setting goals and deciding on the length of therapy required – this is always open to review.

Areas of Counselling I work with:
Relationship difficulties
Work related difficulties
Childhood/developmental issues
Low self–esteem
Confidence building

This involves bespoke psychotherapeutic energy techniques. It is a combination of talking treatments involving personal coaching combined with complementary therapies (e.g. Sound therapy). The aim is to treat the individual holistically with mind-body-soul interaction and connection in order to integrate and balance the physical and emotional body, aligning it with the human energy field (HEF) in order to enhance wellbeing and homeostasis within the individual. Healing ARTS are powerful in bringing about transformation, inner healing, balance and integration and may alleviate certain problems such as physical or emotional difficulties/problems or bring them into awareness so that they can be worked with medically and therapeutically. These transformative healing arts may sometimes impact suppressed or repressed emotional and physical tensions so that they are pushed to the surface in order to be released or resolved. The Healing Arts can complement medical treatment but it is Not an alternative to medical treatment.