Genevieve Marais

15th June 2024 
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Central London
Qualifications. GM2022About Me:

My professional background is focused on the holistic and integrative health of the individual.

I have had an interest in physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual wellbeing and healing since as long as I can remember. It just seemed to be a natural path that I have always gravitated towards and continue to be drawn to embrace. As an adult, entering the world of work and embracing a world of relational contact with others on many different levels, I became more and more aware of how 'relationship' with self and other directly impacted one's body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This led me to consider the significance of living and interacting with self and other from a level of consciousness. Through this awareness I was able to recognise the impact interactions with others had on my body, mentally, spiritually, emotionally; and consciously work with these elements in order to further integration, innerpeace and harmony within my own unique system.

As a result, I began to appreciate the importance of holding a conscious awareness of how energy and energy forces interact and impact us all. Learning to understand and respect our own inner knowing is vital to experiencing the self , others and the world as something much more than our human bodies and physical environment. It is an opportunity to recognise and feel a connectedness with self and other; and acknowledge that we are all interwoven in the divine web of life. Subsequently, I integrate healing arts techniques with psychotherapeutic talking treatments in a psychotherapeutic and wellbeing coaching capacity.

Qualifications and Experience:
I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology. I then decided to focus more intently on the field of psychology. This led me to pursue and obtain a Conversion Diploma in Psychology for Graduates. During this time I began working in the field of social care, mainly in the area of children and families. I have been working as a therapist since 2012. I also hold a Diploma in in Integrative Psychotherapy. My experience involves working with individuals in brief and long-term therapy in a variety of settings. I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist registered with UKCP, BPS and HCPC.

Professional development is important to me and allows me to incorporate innovative techniques which I use to create and deliver tailored/bespoke treatment plans aimed at supporting my clients' to receive the optimum therapeutic treatment that will best respond to and honour their uniqueness/individuality in order to achieve the desired outcome. Consequently, I have completed further training for a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy. Currently, I am engaged in training in Energy Psychotherapy as well as Sound Therapy.

Qualifications in Complementary Therapies:
Reiki, Vortex Energies
Sound Therapy